Franatech - CO<sub>2</sub> Sensor

METS Methane Sensor

Franatech - CO<sub>2</sub> Sensor

Mechanical Specifications

  • Material: Titanium

  • Weight in air: 0,8 kg

  • Weight in water: 0,5 kg

  • Depth rating 4000 m

No internal moving parts or pumps, hence lower failure risk and lower power drain. Inherent to the technology, and also dependent on detector manufacturing and tuning, all parameters such as sensitivity, power consumption, response time and response behavior are linked together. Following specifications are indicative, we can select and tune the detectors to meet your requirements.

Our version of the METS with extended housing to accommodate an internal data logger has been on the market since many successful years. Logically, obsolescence has become an increasing issue on some components. This version has now reached its end-of-life and will be discontinued.

Electrical Specifications

  • Input: 9 to 36 VDC, 40 to 120 mA@12VD

  • Output: standard analogue 0..5V and digital RS485

  • Options: 4..20mA, RS232, analogue only, digital only, Desktop Converter RS485/RS232

Franatech - METS Methane Sensor

Calibration Ranges

  • Temperature:


    2-20°C, others on request

  • Methane:


    50nM – 10μM


    1nM – 500nM (in pumped flow-through mode)

    low range

    20nM – 1μM

    high range

    1μM – 40μM

  • Response time:

    reaction time within few seconds
    T90 between 1 and 30 min depending on version and deployment conditions.

  • Special features:

    integrated formula (plug & play)
    correction formula for work under variable oxygen levels

  • Calibration formula and parameters can be provided in format compatible with CTD-probe from ­different manufacturers (e.g. Seabird, SST)

  • note: above concentration and temperature ranges are typical. Depending on the application ­requirements, we can select other calibration ranges.