Franatech’s game changing technology for subsea leak detection has over the last two years established itself as world leading both for fixed installations and for mobile applications onboard drones within IMR activities.

The technology offers a uniquely high sensitivity, and by measuring directly a real parameter, the level of dissolved gas in the water gives definitive advantages over any other technology. In particular, this is in comparison to indirect measurements bearing the risks associated with signal calibration and interpretation.

Franatech technology allows the full integration of leak detection management within daily operations.

Leak detection management now changes from reactive (discovery of large leaks) into proactive (early stage analysis, follow-up and prediction). Its capabilities, brings “SMART” solution into leak detection management thus enables to follow any potential occurrence from early stage giving time for proper risk assessment, and time for adequate and documented corrective actions without systematic shut down of assets/production.

Low requirements for power and bandwidth make it suitable for retrofit installations as well as for greenfield.

The new generation sniffers have been well received by the market with now over 120 devices delivered to various global operators and service companies.

Subsea Hydrocarbon
Leak Detector

Mobile Laser-Based
Hydrocarbon Sniffer

Due to strong market demand Franatech has now a pool of five mobile sniffers available for rental.

installation of Leak detector
on the Subsea Control Module
of a Christmas Tree


Everyone knows, if you want to be successful at what you do, you need to base your decisions on valid information. Those interested in extracting, storing and transporting hydrocarbons and other substances below the sea have to monitor if the processes work without any losses being incurred.

Leakages and the uncontrolled escape of hydrocarbons under water lead to damages that can spread rapidly. Moreover, resealing the leakage requires a lot of work as well as considerable financial resources.

Franatech’s underwater sensors are able to swiftly and precisely detect and locate leakages at an early stage, minimising the risk of greater damage.

Franatech offers devices for carbon dioxide, methane and other substances, for application in Oil and Gas, Carbon Capture and Storage, and Climate Change.

In further applications, they are also ideal for constantly monitoring the water quality in aquaculture and other facilities with large quantities of water.

Our expertise helps you take the right decision at the right time.

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