Franatech - Datalogger FDL-Compact

Datalogger FDL-Compact

Franatech - Datalogger FDL-Multi

The FDL-Compact is a dedicated data logger for the operation of the METS. With integrated battery pack, it allows fully autonomous operation of one METS for up to 3 months.

The FDL-Compact is provided with connection cables to METS and PC, dummy connectors, software and spare parts.

Electrical Specifications

  • Power supply: generally 9..18 VDC
    (for instance Lithium D-cells)

  • Consumption: max 15 mA@ 12VDC

  • Input from sensors: 0..5V

  • Communication with PC: standard RS232,
    optional USB or Ethernet

Mechanical Specifications

  • Material: titanium grade 5

  • Depth capability: 6000 m

  • Housing dimensions: diameter 151 mm, length with connectors 567 mm

  • Weight in air: 14.6 kg

  • Connectors: Subconn™

  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +40°C


  • High-speed microcontroller

  • 64kB Flash EEPROM

  • 512MB Secure Digital Card Real-Time Clock with buffer battery (Storage medium)

  • Voltage and Temperature monitoring

  • Sleep modus